Advisor & Consulting Services

Our experienced team will be able to advise and support strategic decision making.

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IT Risk Management Services

Our Technology experts have the experience to perform IT assessments, design, integrate, and implement Risk Management Solutions.

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Webinar Sessions

Webinar sessions targeted to the Banking & Insurance sectors, focusing on state of the art Artificial Intelligence solutions.

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Continuous Learning for a continuous delivery of value to our clients

All the UR-Risk team members are in continuous learning for getting a constant growth of their professional skills.
We all move forward to being aligned with the changing environment and keeping the market standards up to date for offering high-level consulting services every day.

Risk Management Expertise

UR-Risk team has international experience and proven track record in more 80+ project in 15+ countries, founding a robust knowledge for our clients.

Best International Practices

UR-Risk had collaborated for more than 20 years with international financial institutions, corporates and insurance in more than 80+ projects in the globe.

Agile Methodology

UR-Risk had incorporated Agile Methodologies in all our projects and activities to achieve successful results on time, providing measurable benefits to our clients.

AI & New Technologies

UR-Risk keeps their team up to date about new technologies and holds a participation in Machine & Deep learning researches and projects.

IT Architecture Design

UR-Risk has a proven track record to assess business requirements, design and implement IT architectures improving Risk Management frameworks.

Software Development

UR-Risk has worked in the creation of software solutions from single modules to complete suites, for automating processes or creating new business.

International Network

Our worldwide network of risk practitioners, consultants, suppliers and regulators allow us to bring the right solutions to our clients.

We can interact as a bridge for similar clients to exchange experiences allowing the project to reduce the risks as well as to identify areas of opportunity.
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