Artificial Intelligence in Banking

Artificial Intelligence in Banking

Horacio Lara

Language: English

In this webinar, we will talk about Artificial Intelligence applications in the banking sector around the world. We will give examples on; fraud detection, chatbots, improvements in process automation and customer service, among others, in which artificial intelligence has helped these companies to be at the forefront with technological solutions resulting in the reduction of time, costs and operational risks.

Part 1

We will focus on sharing an analysis of more than 20 use cases from various organizations. Considering the complexity and benefits of each use case, we have created a four-quadrant graph in which we classify them as Must do, Need to Do, Can Do and Do Case-by-Case.

Part 2

Detail of a selection of use cases and examples of applications in the industry. Partnerships or suppliers of the implemented solutions. In addition, we will mention data such as benefits, type of input data and the artificial intelligence technologies used in the project.

Part 3

Explanation of canvas methodology which helps in identifying and defining artificial intelligence business strategies.